Programme Overview

The Wilderness Programme (TWP) is a residential 7 day/ 6 night non-medical mental health recovery programme designed for adults (21 and above). TWP which is tailored to help meet the needs of individuals who are coming to terms with, or are in recovery from mental health issues such as addictions, professional burn out, stress, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health related issues. The programme also facilitates those who are struggling with aspects of life such as low self esteem/ confidence, feeling lost or lacking direction.

Through TWP, we aim to generate the core benefits for our clients through total immersion in wild and remote locations where participants find themselves removed from, and far away from everyday distractions.

TWP combines the raw power of nature through Wilderness Therapy with Recovery Coaching Psychology, complimentary therapies and an altruistic and diverse range of appropriately prescribed Outdoor Activities & Experiences (OAE's) run by qualified programme guides, which enable participants to help build self-esteem, confidence and to challenge and enhance their 'everyday' physical, emotional and spiritual comfort levels.

Working with a highly experienced Coaching Psychologist at various key points throughout the programme, participants explore how they can exist in a more authentic way. Any issues, mistakes and successes will be held lightly and explored, so that a change in the way that they would prefer to exist can be co-created and agreed in order to help nurture and advance the individuals recovery.

Ultimately, space is created for participants to explore and develop their goals for life and options for well-being. In summary, the programme creates existential opportunities to change behaviours and engage in a life worth living.


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