Our Impact

As an organisation we have evidenced that The Wilderness Programme provides a powerful life-changing opportunity to help people reengage with their lives after crisis. So far, the programme has been instrumental in giving participants the self-confidence and belief to exist in many different ways, to let go of harmful habits, develop healthy relationships, move away from damaging relationships, change career, relocate overseas, and most significantly begin to find the courage to be that person who is beginning to live their best life. 

Watch Louis's Story in a short film and below are a few examples of the impact we have had in the lives of participants. 

"Everything from a cold water plunge after a beautiful walk up the valley, to bush craft, to reflective exploration in ancient woodlands and over hills, the experiences were fantastic and won’t be forgotten. All the coaching was fantastic, and truly invaluable. I gained perspective, hope, confidence, and ultimately recovered a side of myself I thought I had lost, and discovered some parts I didn’t know were there".  "All aspects of the experience worked in a harmonious synchronicity; the natural environment was as much a part of that as anything. It was life changing and I like the specific way The Wilderness Programme has helped me realise my outlook on both life and myself. It would be impossible to fully summarise the experience but if I had to I would say it has left me in a place that I didn’t think I’d be able to get to. I feel a new sense of peace, calm, understanding, confidence and belief in myself". - Sam

"We are so grateful for the care and thought you put into structuring - our  21 Year old son's - week away. He desperately needed a complete break from the pressure of city life but when we first approached you he was not in the right headspace for this kind of programme. However, you encouraged us to keep in contact with you and when his circumstances changed and the timing seemed right, we were so impressed by the thought, care and professional incite that you put into creating a bespoke wilderness experience for him. You also managed the dynamic between parent and young adult extremely well. From the get go, whilst instigated by us, this was all about our son and his issues of confidentiality were handled sensitively and professionally. You created a very safe space for him on the trip, and the pre trip sessions, whilst not always easy, prepared him well for his week away.

We felt he was in very safe hands which was extremely important to us as he has had some negative experiences in the past with mental health support. As a result he is extremely guarded when it comes to any kind of therapeutic support but you were able to connect with him incredibly effectively. When he came back it was clear what a huge impact it had had on him and he just loved spending time with you both and being in that environment. He still mentions you both all the time!" - Helene & Derek

“The Wilderness Programme helped me readjust into normal life from such a spiritual awakening that sparked personal change. The sessions have helped nurture and given space for everything I learned on our expedition. I have found that I have been able to find the right way to focus and manage my self-care”. “I came away feeling happy, excited and inspired to make changes in my life and feeling ready to focus on new steps in my life such as my career. It gave me the toolkit to be able to move forward in life and succeed”.  - Louis

"Having just returned from 5 days on the Wilderness programme, my healing process is as ugly as hell, it's not bubble baths and aromatherapy. It's accountability which brings guilt, it's getting to the root of ones issues, which can be quite intense. Processing "ones stuff" often means one has to relive it which isn't easy. However, being held in a safe space and trusting said space.......priceless!!  I thoroughly enjoyed the solitude and the just being. One is surrounded by the natural environment and the peace that that offers. I was also able to take stock and find my bearings and was able to make some decisions within that safe space.  This was facilitated by Greg and the team at Wilderness Escapes with their positive 'can do attitude'. Greg and I would head out after breakfast and "leave no trace" as we walked over the fells or canoed over Derwentwater to St Herbert's island. I had mindfulness meditation and Pilates every morning with Jessie and several sessions with Steve Mitchell, which was just terrific we walked & talked our way up over Hallin Fell, Ullswater. This enabled me to clear away some wreckage & presented me with the opportunity to set a new course for the next phase of my journey".
- James

"My recent experience on the Wilderness Programme was a truly unique and inspiring experience. Paddling with Greg and his team across lochs, wild camping and walking helped my mind focus on different aspects of life.  No technology, no news, the magical beauty and tranquility of the Scottish highlands allowed me a different perspective to filter back into life. Simple actions of drinking water from burns and paddling into the darkness to view the stars at night felt empowering and a feeling of connection with nature I hadn’t felt since I was a child.  I returned to London feeling completely refreshed and refocused on my life.  It also left me wanting to return at soonest opportunity!" - Mike

A fantastic experience made by the remote location and the superb 'pop up' facilities their. A few days in I was able to let go of the shackles i had realised i had found myself in and in turn i was able to release the tension i had built up over many years. Needless to say the release took me quite by surprise but i felt safe as strong emotions swept through me. On the other side of it and at the end of the programme i came to realise what is important to me and what i came on the programme for. My eternal thanks.  - Adam

"We had identified a group of individuals within our organisation, who for whatever reason had become noticeably affected with a range of common mental health issues including stress, anxiety and visible signs of professional burnout. Whilst there was no necessity to refer any of the individuals into crisis care or rehab, we felt that the Wilderness Programme would be an ideal choice to help counter and instigate recovery for the people within this group. Through the combination of the superb base camp facilities, coaching psychology and the range of activities on offer the group were able to see life from an entirely new perspective and engage with the programme. The programme was undoubtedly a success for all who took part and enabled the participants to move on to the next stage in their recovery". - Sarah 


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