Our People

Key Personnel (The Senior Management Team)
Greg Wilson - Founder/ CEO/ Coach & Programme Leader.
Over 25 years' professional experience in organising and running outdoor events in the UK, overseas and specialising in the field of personal and team development coaching and facilitation. Greg and Steve have worked and collaborated together for approx. 18 years working with individuals and small groups from some of the world's leading brands as well as working with those participating in TWP.

Greg has an enormous passion for the natural environment, the outdoors and as well as a keen wildlife enthusiast, ornithologist and explorer with a special interest in remote parts of the Highlands of Scotland.

Stephen Mitchell MBPsS - Founder/ Lead PsychologistStephen Mitchell MbPsS
Since 1994, Steve has worked in the field of coaching with a focus on personal, leadership executive and recovery coaching. As well as being a member of the British Psychological Society, Steve is also a member of a special group who review the development and application of coaching psychology in the UK. Steve has an Ashridge accreditation and has accrued a wealth of experience as a relational and recovery psychologist.

For over 20 years he has used the Lakeland fells and the natural environment as a basis for his practice and in his spare time enjoys bee keeping, rugby, wild camping, mountaineering, wildlife and nature.

Graham Freeman - Founder/ Relationship Development Director
Graham is a certified counsellor, sober coach and drug and alcohol intervention specialist. He works closely with families and individuals in relation to addiction and mental health.

Having worked voluntarily and professionally in this field for over 20 years, Graham has had the privilege of assisting a high number of individuals into recovery. Observing individuals and their families recover from the devastating effects of alcoholism and other addictions is his passion in life.

Graham enjoys keeping fit by going to the gym, wild swimming and when time allows, will be found walking in north Wales with his daughters

Key Personnel 
Jessie Hope - Programme Therapist
Jessie is a mental health nurse with 18 years' experience in a variety of health care settings. She has spent 10 years in New Zealand working in therapeutic communities and as a lecturer at Auckland university.

With qualifications and accreditations in Mindfulness, meditation and Pilates Jessie links both body and mind to enhance mental health and wellbeing.

Paula Shields - Recovery Coach
With a deep-rooted passion for improving mental health and wellbeing, Paula has worked internationally in the behavioural healthcare field for over 20 years in a variety of roles utilising therapeutic modalities and coaching in her client facing work.

Paula has a person-centred approach to coaching. She understands it as an experiential, dynamic interaction between both persons in the coaching session, which she approaches in a highly experienced relational manner, with directness, clarity, and transparency. Together, she works with people in co-creating new possibilities, to be evidenced and resourced by the coachee using their increasing self-awareness and developing sense of self-efficacy.

Russell Bain - Programme Guide
Russell is an accomplished outdoor enthusiast guide and instructor with many years experience in mountaineering, canoeing, wildlife and nature guiding and professional wildlife photography.

Russell completed all of the Munro's in Scotland (282 Mountains over the height of 3000ft) by the age of 25.

All of the photographs on this website are taken by Russell.

Tim Whitehead - Programme Guide
Tim WhiteheadTim has been sailing from a very young age and has journeyed all around the UK, Europe and even crossed the Atlantic in the ARC race. With a background as lead instructor and Centre Manager you can be sure that Tim brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the programme.

TJ - Programme Manager/ Guide
TJ Posing in the outdoorsAs a highly experienced outdoors aficionado, TJ brings a wealth of knowledge and a practical approach to a wide range of bushcraft and wilderness activities. In between programmes you can find TJ in his workshop building Canadian Canoes, carving Canoe Paddles and making interesting things out of wood!

Adam Hulme in the forestAdam Hulme - Woodland & Forest Programme Guide
As a professional woodland and forestry consultant, Adam shares unique insights into the biodiversity and culture of natural environments, in turn helping participants to learn and understand the relationships between species and the benefits that they have to offer.

on site chef
Lee Cooper – Executive Chef

Subsistence is a key aspect of The Wilderness Programme. Our executive chef – Lee Cooper brings over 20 years’ experience as a leader in culinary creativity and excellence to provide us with a wide range of healthy, satisfying meals, snacks and refreshments that cater for all individual dietary requirements and preferences.


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