Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the Wilderness Programme for?

    The Wilderness Programme is a unique opportunity for anyone over the age of 21 proactively seeking to exist in a new and more positive way.

    Specifically designed to help meet the needs of adult individuals coming to terms with, or in recovery of issues such as addictions, professional burn out, stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and other mental health related issues.

    The programme also facilitates those who are struggling with aspects of life such as low self esteem,
    low confidence, feeling lost or lacking direction.

  • How fit do I need to be?

    We make it easy for our guests to take part in the Wilderness Programme. The activity schedule is designed around the suitability for its participants taking all levels of fitness and ability into careful consideration.

  • Do i need previous experience in the outdoors?

    No, all of our programmes are designed to be accessible and easy to take part in for everyone and of all abilities.

  • How comfortable is my bed and my personal accommodation?

    We only use high performance - expedition class - equipment from leading manufacturers.  All quarters are designed to be as aesthetically pleasing as they are comfortable and we believe we offer the most comfortable warm cosy beds, highest quality pillows and accommodation in the wilderness. Personal accommodation quarters are made up of state of the art tipi style tents, which are waterproof and tested to withstand extreme conditions.

  • How many people attend a typical programme?

    The Wilderness Programme is staged for between 4px and maximum of 12px per programme.

  • Can i use and charge my electronic devices?

    Yes, of course, although we encourage participants to refrain from using mobile devices and we can't always guarantee a phone reception. Nevertheless, we have a charging station that will charge laptops, phones and any other USB and 12v devices.

  • How easy is it to access and navigate around the Safari Style Base Camp?

    The Safari Style Base Camp is generally easy to access and navigate wherever the destination may be located. Camp is usually sited on level ground with all the facilities being placed within 10 metres from the central 'HAB'.

    Please note that the more wild and remote the programme is located (as per your pre-booking options and final choice) the more 'interesting' accessibility gets.

  • How do i get to the destination?

    All participants will be collected by us from the nearest airport or train station and transferred by road (or by boat) to the destination. Inward and Outbound travel must be organised by the participant or their agent.

  • What are the toilets and showers like?

    We provide proper toilets and hot showers on all programmes, however please remember we are an expedition class operation so we don't have a mains water supply or mains electric! Our facilities (male and female) provide personal privacy and are checked, cleaned and serviced by our staff several times a day.

  • What happens if the weather is bad whilst we are away?

    There are never any guarantees in the wilderness and weather conditions can be change very quickly so that's why we have invested heavily in high performance equipment which we know will withstand anything that the weather can throw at us. Whatever happens, It's all part of the experience.

  • What kind of clothing and footwear should i bring?

    A full kit list of what you need to bring on this trip will be provided once you have made your booking.

  • What is the 'HAB'?

    The HAB is the shared central area where everyone can get together for meals, relaxation and socialising. It features comfy chairs and tables, a central feature wood burning stove, soft furnishings, a music system and a small library of books.

    Hot drinks, snacks and refreshments are always available in the Hab.

  • Can I drink alcohol on TWP?

    No. TWP has a strict No Drink/ No Drugs policy. 

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