Wilderness Therapy in the UK

The Wilderness Programme is a registered UK charity providing a residential, non-medical mental health recovery programme specifically designed for adult individuals over the age of 21 years to meet the needs of those coming to terms with, or in recovery of issues such as addictions, professional burn out, bereavement, stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and other mental health related problems.

The programme also facilitates those who are struggling with aspects of life such as low self esteem,
low confidence, feeling lost or lacking direction.

Registered Charity Number: 1204799

Mental Health Recovery for All...

A Unique Non-Medical Approach to Mental Health Recovery

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Wilderness environments are widely acknowledged as a natural means of promoting physical, mental and spiritual well-being

Rejuvenate & Restore

Participants work with a Recovery Coaching Psychologist throughout the programme to explore new ways of being, change behaviours and engage in a life worth living.

Outdoor Activities & Experiences

The programme incorporates a wide range of outdoor activities & experiences to help reconnect with the nature, build self esteem & confidence

From Crisis to a Life Worth Living

The Wilderness Programme has been developed continuously over five years to help address the needs and wellbeing of a growing number of individual's unable to cope with the rigours of modern life. We know intuitively and through more recent studies that wilderness environments hold many benefits for the human psyche. It is also known that the environment where our participants became unwell, is perhaps not the best environment to help make them better again.


The Wilderness Programme creates a safe space for participants to explore and develop their goals for life and options for well-being whilst generating existential opportunities to change behaviours and engage in a life worth living.

The Restorative Effects of Nature

The Wilderness Programme takes place in wild, natural and remote locations - away from the everyday distractions of life, so as to (1) create a sense of space and help participants relax, release tension and unwind, and (2) take maximum benefit from the positive effects of being immersed in the natural environment. 


Creating a safe environment for participants is crucial to the outcomes of the programme, so we have developed and refined our 'expedition class' operation to provide a unique 'Safari Style' base camp. This not only provides a safe, warm and dry refuge from the elements, whatever the weather, and at anytime of the year but which is ecologically sound and low impact on the environment whilst providing for all basic human needs to a high degree of comfort.

Read About Our Impact on Recent Programmes

Reflection in the Wilderness
Coaching in the Wilderness

Make a Donation

We rely on purely on donations and fundraising to make the programme free for all participants. Using the Just Giving platform we receive 100% of all donations.     Please visit our Donations page. Many thanks!

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